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Title: Resolution (Jein’s Journey Series, Book Two)
Author: Cheryllynn Dyess
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
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The population of Calastan is thriving and the Governess has decided that they need to expand. She has spoken to the other tribes and has the go ahead to explore Resolution and expand into that territory. The Governess turns to Jein and Yurani to go and explore the new land and start a village that can sustain a new population. In Resolution, they find more than just a land blessed with life and nature, but they also find their lost ancestors. The ones that had explored before and never returned.
Join Jein and Yurani as they explore Resolution searching for a new home for their people. Finding land and food is the easy part…it’s what else they find that rewrites their history.


I Received An ARC Of This Book In Exchange For My Honest Review!

After reading the first book I was on the fence as to whether or not I was going to like this series.  The very end of the first book is what made me decide to give this series a chance.  I’m glad that I did.

The land of Resolution had me intrigued from the first time and I was upset that we didn’t get to explore it more when we first learned about it and visited it.  In this book we get to do just that.  The land of Resolution is so bright and beautiful and the animals sound absolutely gorgeous.  I got lost in the description of the land and its beauty.

Jein has me intrigued.  She is unlike the other women in her land and I love that about her.  There’s some secret about her that has me wondering who she really is.  I must say I wasn’t expecting it to be what it was when I found out.  It does make for an interesting story.  I can’t help but wonder what she’s gonna do about it.

I really liked Yurani until I found out he was keeping secrets from Jein.  Yes he was told to by the Governess and Jein’s mom but I feel that if he loves her like he says he does he should have told her.  Especially with them going on a year long expedition to find land in Resolution to expand their home.

Rohm is from the land Remjein which resides within Resolution.  I was and wasn’t surprised to find out who he was but I was shocked to discover the name of their home.  I think that Rohm is awesome and that  he would make a good mate for Jein.  He doesn’t really give her much of a choice in the matter.  He wants to be her partner but is willing to accept the fact that she will allow him to Court her.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  I like how they are together.

I was intrigued by the Oracle and she managed to pique my interest.  Like all Oracles she speaks in riddles but there was something about her.  I hope this isn’t the last we get to see of her.  She could become one of my favorite characters easily.

Cheryllynn Dyess wrote a book that managed to grab me where the first one left me unsure and straddling the fence.  The characters were well written and easily to get attached to.  There’s a hint of romance that appeals to me.  Watching Jein start to feel something towards a guy besides friendship and her shocked reaction to it was great.  You manage to write a book with laughter, hint of new romance, adventure, and even some action.  Thank you for such a interesting read.  I can’t wait to read the third book in this series. 

Author Bio:

As a youth I loved to write and originally set out to deal with life. I never dreamed I would be writing to share with the world. As an adult my writing continued and have always been told I was talented. I finally listened and put my imagination to the test and started to write a book. Amazingly it took very little time to create an entire world and people and story line. This book reflects how I perceive life and how I feel it should really be!

God has given me a great talent, wonderful support team and I’m finally using my gift from him!

Calastan is the first book in the Jein’s Journey series that introduces you to Jein in her seventeenth year. Jein is a beautiful young woman who refuses to follow tradition and wants to do things her own way (kinda reflects my personality to the “T”).

I am a mother of three and grandmother to one ~ my driving force is to show them to NEVER give up on dreams and goals, they can be reached if you believe.


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“Yurani,” I say with an expression of utmost seriousness. “Let’s get in the trees and travel high today!” My expression changes immediately into a smile and I jog to the nearest tree that will allow us to get up without any struggle. The trees here are not like the EKkyl trees of Calastan; these trees, although tall and very broad, have limbs much lower to the ground. This makes the climb easy. As we go from limb to limb, climbing higher we take brief moments to look at the land around us. It only took a few minutes to climb to the top where we could see above the top of the forest and look out for miles in every direction. The air was clear and starting to warm. There were no clouds in the sky; just, a beautiful blue hue that hung in the air. The view was truly overwhelming. From here the land resembles Calastan at a brief glance but upon scrutiny you can plainly see the differences.


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