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Published October 16, 2013 by msbeccaanne

Book & Author Details:

Boy Swap by Kristina Springer
Publication date: October 16th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult


Boy Swap: The secret to sisterly love and scholarly bliss.

Research shows that seven out of ten girl fights are over a guy. The Boy Swap Club fixes all that. In an effort to spread around male cuteness and minimize fights and backstabbing, they just share boyfriends. And Brooke Thomas, consummate band member, has been asked to join the super secret club because the president of the club has the hots for her guy.

Brooke doesn’t want to share her boyfriend. I mean, who does? But how can she say no? She, a second chair flutist in the school band, finds herself sitting between the Varsity Cheerleader Captain and the Homecoming Queen at the first meeting. Her friends will never believe this in a million years. Too bad she can’t tell them. But she knows. This one event can change her entire life. What if she becomes actual friends with one of these girls? It might be worth sharing her boyfriend.

Besides, he’ll always love her best, right?

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18329364-boy-swap?ac=1

Direct buy link not yet available but will be found here come release day:
–Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Kristina%20Springer&search-alias=books-ca

Kristina Springer is the best-selling author of the young adult novel THE ESPRESSOLOGIST (Macmillan FSG, October 2009) which sold film rights and is being filmed for a web series, has sold in six countries, and was a 2010 Society of School Librarians International Honor Book; the middle-grade novel MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS (Macmillan FSG, August 2010) which Meg Cabot says is “Irresistible as a fluffy kitten. I laughed out loud and so will you!” was a Scholastic Book Club Bestseller and a 2012 YALSA QUICK PICK and will be out in paperback this December; a young adult novel, JUST YOUR AVERAGE PRINCESS, which was a Fall favorite (Macmillan FSG, October 2011) and an ebook only young adult novel, THE PAPARAZZI PROJECT, which hit #1 on the Amazon Top Free Teen Romance eBooks list earlier this year. Her fifth book, BOY SWAP, is out in ebook format October 16th. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Illinois State University and a Master of Arts in Writing from DePaul University. You can read more about her at http://www.kristinaspringer.com/.

The main character in BOY SWAP is a self-appointed “band nerd.” Were you a band nerd in high school?
Totally. I even played the flute like Brooke. But that’s where the similarities end. Brooke is much stronger than I was in high school. And she’s got a great-looking boyfriend that other girls are envious of. I didn’t even date in high school.

What is your favorite scene in the book?
I had sooooo much fun writing this book and there are several scenes that pop out in my mind. My absolute favorite is the end though. It played out like a movie in my head. I love it!

Would you have joined a Boy Swap club in high school?
Hmm. Well, like I said above, I didn’t even date in high school. But if I really wanted to be popular and this was a chance, I think I just might have.

What is it about the art form of writing that enchants you the most?
I love seeing where a story is going to go! The first draft for me is always very freeing. And I love surprising myself too. Often when I reread something I wrote I’m shocked that I actually wrote it.

How do you imagine audience as you are writing?
I write for myself but I also write for my audience. I was a technical writer for years and with that you are always just writing for your audience—never for yourself. You need to constantly think about what their needs are. But with fiction you are mostly writing what you enjoy. I do occasionally think, will my readers like this? So I try to keep a balance of both.

How do you weave so much elements of information into your stories and yet you keep them so fast-paced?
I naturally write very fast-paced stories. So I just go with it and when I’m finished I go back and add in the needed details.

Many writers describe themselves as “character” or “plot” writers. Which are you? And what do you find to be the hardest part of writing?
I’m definitely plot driven. Once I get a story in my head I’m writing it as fast I can and then I go back and add in the quirks and details. I’d say the hardest part for me is revision. It always takes me awhile to see how something should be different or could be better.

If you were brought to a deserted island, which 3 books would you bring with you?
Good question! I’m totally not a re-reader so I’d probably grab Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, and Sophie Kinsella’s newest releases.

Any advice for writers either working toward publication, or about to be published?
Don’t get discouraged and don’t quit. If you’re persistent and always believe in yourself you’ll eventually get there. You need to write as often as you can, know that there will be TONS of revision so don’t expect to be perfect on the first draft, and also read a lot of books that are in your genre so that you know what’s going on in your field.

This is your fifth published book. Do you have favorite?
I love ‘em all—they’re like kids. But I’ll always have a special spot for my first book, THE ESPRESSOLOGIST. A number of my faithful readers have told me that BOY SWAP is their fave.

What’s next for you?
I’m currently working on a fun middle grade book and don’t want to jinx it by talking about it too much. It’s my first middle grade since MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS, which was a Scholastic bestseller, so I have a lot to live up to! My middle grade fans have been asking me for something new and I want to deliver.  MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS is also releasing in paperback later this year—12/31.

Any news on THE ESPRESSOLOGIST web series?
Last I heard Alloy Digital presented it at NewsFronts 2013 (http://www.thevideoink.com/features/newfronts-programming-cheat-sheet/#.UknD2oZr13E) and this awesome trailer (http://vimeo.com/65241860) was put together. Rumor has it there is a release around the holidays but nothing is certain.

Can we follow you on twitter?
Please do! I’m @TinaSpringer

I stand before Amanda’s desk and she raises one eyebrow at me. I yank my scarf out of my purse and wave it in the air, like a white surrender flag. Amanda shakes her head and smirks. “Sit.”
I grab a nearby chair and sit down next to her. “Hi, Amanda.”
She flashes a glance at me.
“I’m in— ”
“I know who you are,” she cuts me off. “You don’t have to announce it.”
“Oh. Well, do you want to sketch me first or shall I sketch you?”
“You can sketch me first,” she says. I open up my sketchpad and pull a pencil from my purse. I study Amanda’s face for a moment to see what I can find out about her. She’s pretty expressionless right now and her blue-gray eyes are staring back at me unblinking. She has long, straight, honey-blond hair carefully tucked behind her ears and her skin is absolutely perfect, which is completely unfair. She’s like an after picture for Proactiv. I start drawing her eyes first.
“So,” I say, trying to think of some way to break the ice between us, “how long have you and Cassie been friends?”
“Long time. Since grade school,” she says.
Kinda like Delaney and me. Except they stayed friends and Delaney acts like she barely recollects me.
“She seems nice,” I say, working on Amanda’s right pupil.
“Uh huh.”
Hmm, Amanda isn’t so talkative.
“She likes my boyfriend huh?” I venture.
Amanda chuckles a little in response.
“How long have you been in B—”
“Shh,” she interrupts sternly, then looks around to see if anyone overheard.
“What?” I blink hard, taken aback a bit.
“Listen,” she says, leaning in, “we don’t talk about it. It just is.”
“That’s just it. I don’t get how it works. Are we going to have more meetings or something?”
“Oh my God!” Amanda draws out her words, clearly irritated. “Did you not just hear me tell you not to talk about it?”
“No! I’m going to go work with Tony. See you later.” She scoops up her things and walks away from me and toward the school’s quarterback.
I’m trying hard not to cry. Amanda was way harsh. And now I don’t have a partner to sketch. Which means I’ll probably have to work with Mr. O’Dell again and I hate working with Mr. O’Dell. I already have an abstract watercolor and a clay bust of him at home.

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